Why are We Doing This?

Why did we decide to sell everything we have to follow God? First things first, God started to speak to me (Stewart) about 13 years ago, shortly after I became a Christian, and shortly after meeting Elaina who was working with YWAM in Edinburgh. As you know, life happens; you get married, you have kids, get a house, etc. You know how it is, right?

After having two kids, we moved a couple of times searching for things to make us happy. A good-paying job, big house, nice cars (and those who know me will know that I do love my cars). However, there was always something not right like a piece of a puzzle that I tried to force into place, and no matter how I tried, it just wouldn’t fit.

During this time, we found our home church and their discipleship classes where I re-learned some of the spiritual gifts I had tucked away. Through these classes, I got to practice my prophetic gift.

This year, God has been speaking to us again about doing missions as a family. But we were uncertain since I had never been on a mission trip myself. This June, I went on my first mission trip with Elaina and others from our church. It confirmed that this is what I was created for, what we as a family were created for.

Oct 8th Update

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